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SCAG’s Research & Analysis Division is led by Frank Wen, PhD, and specializes in geographic, demographic, and economic analysis for local and regional planning initiatives – as well as “state of the practice” research in socioeconomic projections, local review and input process, and Environmental Justice Analysis. Simon Choi, PhD, the Chief Demographer at SCAG and is recognized as a national leader in demographic forecasting and population analysis. Working under Dr. Wen and Dr. Choi are a group of GIS and Data analysts, including Javier Aguilar, Kimberly Clark, Dr. John Cho, Jung Seo, and Ping Wang.

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Simon Choi
Chief in Forecasting and Research
(213) 236-1849

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MPOs—SB 375—LAFCOs SCAG Practices/Experiences and Future Collaborations with LAFCOs by Frank Wen, Manager, Research & Analysis, Land Use & Environmental Planning, presented at LAFCO Annual Conference, October 17, 2014
presented by Simon Choi, Chief of Research and Forecasting, John Cho, Regional Planner, and Frank Wen, Manager of Research and Analysis to the Community, Economic & Human Development (CEHD) Committee on October 2, 2014.
by Javier Aguilar, April 2013. This presentation discusses the SCAG GIS Services Program for Local Governments in Southern California.
by Hasan Ikhrata, Frank Wen, Simon Choi, April 2013. This study discusses the planning and policy emphasis of the newly developed Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) to achieve the regional Greenhouse Gas emissions target set forth by the California Air Resources Board
by Hsi-Hwa Hu, John Cho, Guoxiong Huang, Frank Wen, Simon Choi, Amy Lightstone, Margaret Shih, February 2013. The purpose of this research is to analyze how neighborhood environmental characteristics, including both land use and built environment, are associated with the likelihood of being obese.
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