Grants Details

Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program - Alternative Fuel Readiness Plans
This Grant will expire on April 30, 2014

This solicitation is open to California eligible public entities that can meet the requirements of this solicitation. For purposes of this solicitation, eligible public entities includes, but is not limited to, those entities that have a direct role in the development, planning, permitting, or oversight of alternative fuel infrastructure such as cities, counties, air, water, and fire districts, and regional planning entities.

Grants will be awarded for the development of Plans which must include all of the following activities:
• Analyze existing and potential incentives for increased usage of alternative fuels.
• Identify challenges and sharing best practices for planning, permitting, deployment, maintenance, and inspection of AFI.
• Develop training materials or classes for fleet operators, planners, first responders, and decision-makers regarding AFI development if no training materials are available.
• Develop strategies and best practices to increase procurement and commercialization of alternative fuels.
• Develop marketing analysis, materials, and outreach strategies that communicate the benefits of alternative fuel usage to targeted groups such as fleet owners/operators.
• Develop strategies to assist alternative fuel wholesalers/retailers, with the intent of increasing the availability and/or reducing the cost of alternative fuels.
To address the issues of diverse stakeholders associated with alternative fuel development and usage, the eligible public entity is encouraged to partner with applicable stakeholders to obtain input and feedback for the Applicant during the development of the Plans.
All Applications must demonstrate that the proposed project can be completed within 24 months from the agreement execution.

The maximum award per project Application is $300,000. The minimum funding amount per project Application is $50,000.​