About AHSC


What is AHSC?

The Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities program (AHSC) is administered by the California Strategic Growth Council. The program provides grants and affordable housing loans to projects that provide compact transit-oriented​ development and related infrastructure that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

AHSC is funded through the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund with a guaranteed 20 percent of revenues from the state’s cap-and-trade program each year.​​​

What does AHSC fund?

AHSC funds the following project elements:

  1. Affordable Housing Developments (must be dense and have access to transit)

  2. Housing Related Infrastructure (HRI) (e.g. sewer improvements)

  3. Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure (STI) (e.g. creating bike lanes)

  4. Transportation-Related Amenities​ (TRA) (e.g. bus shelters)

  5. Programs (e.g. subsidized transit passes to encourage mode shift)

More information on the program areas and the type of investments included in each category can be found in the Strategic Growth Council’s AHSC Resources​ page.

See Successful Projects from the SCAG Region​.

​​Who can apply for AHSC funding?

  • A locality, ​public housing authority, redevelopment successor agency, transit agency or transit operator, Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA), local Transportation Commission, Congestion Management Agency, Joint Powers Authority (JPA), school district, facilities district, university or community college district

  • A ​developer or program operator

  • A federally recognized Indian Tribe​​

How Do I Apply?

The next Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) is anticipated in fall 2020 with applications due in February 2021.

Visit the Strategic Growth Co​uncil​’s AHSC Website ​