Local Input


Local input will play an important role in developing an accurate growth forecast for SCAG’s 2016 RTP/SCS. Local input is an on-going process, SCAG seeks input from local jurisdictions throughout the development of the growth forecast. For the 2016 RTP/SCS, SCAG’s new Scenario Planning Model (SPM) will be used as the primary conduit for gathering and analyzing local input feeding into SCAG small area growth forecasting process.

The SPM will provide jurisdictions access to current land use, general plan, parcel data, and other supporting geo-spatial data necessary to review and provide input on SCAG’s preliminary projections of population, household and employment growth at the jurisdictional and TAZ level. The SPM enables jurisdictions to review, analyze SCAG’s projections, and provide meaningful input back to SCAG on their city’s growth forecast.

SCAG''s DRAFT Preliminary Schedule for Development infographic