Legislative Tracking


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SCAG staff continuously monitors legislative activity in Sacramento. The Legislative Tracking Report available for download on this page provides a list of bills in the current session of the California State Legislature that SCAG staff is currently tracking. SCAG provides the Legislative Tracking Report as a service to its members and stakeholders.


​If you any questions, comments, or need more information on federal & state legislative issues, please contact:

Kevin Gilhooley
Manager, Legislation
(213) 236-1878


Bill Position Tracker

SCAG’s Bill Position Tracker makes it easy to stay informed on the status of bills in the California State Legislature on which the SCAG Regional Council took a formal position. Bills tracked cover several policy areas such as transportation, planning, environment, finance, government, and economic development. The bottom left-hand corner of the document indicates when the Tracker was last updated.

The Tracker provides:

  • A bill number, topic, and description for each bill
  • SCAG’s position on the bill and the date on which that position was taken
  • Bill status

Bill Position Tracker By Year

2023 Bill Position Tracker

2022 Bill Position Tracker