Sustainable Communities Program Call for Applications


Call for Applications ImageFollowing the adoption of Connect SoCal every four years, SCAG releases Calls for Applications on a rolling basis to provide local technical assistance in support of Connect SoCal implementation. SCAG develops funding categories in alignment with the goals and policy direction of the adopted Connect SoCal to support implementation of shared regional planning goals and meet the needs of local communities.  

SCP Goals

  • Provide needed planning resources to local jurisdictions for active and multimodal transportation, sustainability, land use, and affordable housing;

  • Promote, address and ensure health and equity in regional land use and transportation planning and close the gap of racial injustice and better serve communities of color;

  • Encourage regional planning strategies to reduce motorized vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in environmental justice communities where there is the highest need for air quality improvements;

  • Develop local plans that support the implementation of key strategies and goals outlined in Connect SoCal’s Sustainable Communities Strategy;

  • Develop resources that support the key strategies and policy direction of the adopted Connect SoCal; 

  • Support a resilient region that looks at climate adaptation and public health preparedness as key strategies to address community prosperity, transportation safety, economic recovery and sustainability; and

  • Increase the region’s competitiveness for federal and state funds, including, but not limited to the California Active Transportation Program and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds.

Call for Applications

SCP Project List Per Regional Council Adoption

Civic Engagement, Equity & Environmental Justice Call for Applications closed on June 5, 2023

Smart Cities & Mobility Innovations Call for Applications closed on April 23, 2021.

Housing & Sustainable Development Call for Applications closed January 29, 2021.

Active Transportation & Safety Call for Applications closed December 11, 2020.