Partnerships and Outreach


SCAG has created a Partnership and Outreach Program that aims to align investment in housing planning and production with the sixth cycle Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA). SCAG’s partnerships and outreach program is designed to build longer term capacity to address housing issues by strengthening regional and subregional partnerships, collaborations and funding models throughout the region, and establishing regional/subregional vision as basis for future funding. 

SCAG has designated a portion of its Regional Early Action Plan (REAP) funding towards the Subregional Partnership Program. The program will support local planning activities with the goal of increasing housing production throughout the entire SCAG region. Sixteen subregional agencies and joint powers authorities are eligible to apply.


Leadership Academy

SCAG is in the process of developing a series of trainings that will support elected officials in moving forward a pro-housing development agenda. The trainings will build off a training that PlaceWorks, CalCOG and ILG are developing, with the goal of educating participants on barriers to housing production and best practices in housing advocacy, coalition building and equitable housing development.