Regional Data Platform FAQ

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What is the Regional Data Platform? 

  • The Regional Data Platform (RDP) is a robust “system of systems” for regional data sharing and collaboration. It will provide all local jurisdictions with long-range planning tools aimed at supporting General Plan updates while streamlining the process for bi-directional data sharing with SCAG. For additional questions, please contact

What are the RDP Goals? 

  • Facilitate better planning among SCAG member agencies by providing modern tools and best practices to assist with General Plan Updates. 
  • Streamline the process of collecting and integrating data from member agencies so SCAG can conduct better regional planning. 

What is the current status of the RDP? 

  • Recently, SCAG, in partnership with Esri, completed outreach interviews of ten representative jurisdictions to provide direction for the development of the RDP. We are working with nine representative pilot jurisdictions to further design and develop the RDP to be available for all jurisdictions in the region. The team will report project status and a detailed showcase of different components in the RDP at the 2021 Esri User Conference. 
  • The RDP team prioritized the development of the Housing Element Parcel (HELPR) Tool, a web-mapping tool to help local jurisdictions and stakeholders understand local land use, site opportunities and environmental sensitivities for aligning housing planning with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD)’s 6th cycle housing element requirements. 

What is the Local Information Services Team (LIST)? 

  • Responding to jurisdictions’ requests for further technical assistance, SCAG launched the Local Information Services Team (LIST), a team of technical staff that provides customized one-on-one technical and information services. The LIST aims to: 1) Link SCAG’s available information products to help address local information needs (e.g., data, applications, model policies and best practices, topical whitepapers, etc.); and 2) Provide local jurisdiction staff an opportunity to offer feedback on how SCAG can improve its products to facilitate better collaboration, regionally, and locally. 

What kind of technical assistance is available through the LIST team? 

  • Apart from customized one-on-one technical and information services, complimentary Esri software licenses are available for local jurisdictions only (cities and counties). SCAG sent emails to all 197 local jurisdictions to advertise the availability of these complimentary licenses and survey the technical assistance needs for general plan updates. To date, more than 120 local jurisdictions have requested Esri software licenses. 
  • With the available complimentary software licenses and HELPR tool, LIST members will provide technical assistance (e.g., data/tool demo, spatial analysis, etc.) focused on Housing Element updates until Summer 2021.  

How to request technical assistance through the RDP and LIST?