SCAG Sustainable Communities Program – Housing & Sustainable Development


The 2020/2021 Sustainable Communities Program (SCP) provides local agencies with multiple opportunities to seek funding and resources to meet the needs of communities, address recovery and resiliency strategies considering COVID-19, and support regional goals. The Housing and Sustainable Development (HSD) Call for Applications is now accepting applications across three project types:

  1. Advancing Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Implementation
  2. Housing Sustainability Districts, Workforce Housing Opportunity Zones, and Housing Supportive Tax Increment Financing Districts
  3. Objective Development Standards for Streamlined Housing, Pro-housing Designation Program and Parking Innovation

Applicants can apply for any of the three project types within the Housing and Sustainable Development (HSD) Program Area. More details about the each project type, program area goals, and the SCP overall can be found on the Sustainable Communities Program webpage.