CTC Partnership


SCAG has developed a new partnership program with the region’s six County Transportation Commissions, to fund the development of plans, programs, pilot projects, and certain signature GHG/VMT reducing capital projects with a strong nexus to housing, consistent with the goals and objectives of REAP 2.0. The CTC Partnership Program will provide immediate benefit to the region by supporting transformative planning activities aligned with Key Connection strategies identified in Connect SoCal, which can be implemented quickly to advance new concepts for reducing VMT while simultaneously achieving other program goals for REAP 2.0.

Key Connections focus on advancing expanded mobility ecosystems and management strategies using innovative policy and/or technology to realize regional planning goals, and account for 30% of the GHG reduction needed to meet SCAG’s SB 375 requirements.

All activities will be evaluated for eligibility under REAP 2.0 funding sources, including geographic considerations, and conformity to funding restrictions prior to full program development.

Submit Public Comment

SCAG is seeking input on the REAP 2.0 County Transportation Commission Partnership Program Guidelineslines. All stakeholders who live or work in the SCAG 6-County region (Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura counties) are encouraged to:  

  • Review the Draft Guidelines
  • Submit feedback on the draft guidelines as presented, including any changes proposed. All feedback received will be considered.  

The public comment period will open the week of Sept. 21, 2022, and close at 3 p.m. on Oct. 12, 2022.  All written comments should be sent, as an email or attachment to an email, to: 

Alisha James  
Community Engagement Specialist
(213) 236-1884