A Guide to Navigating Existing and Emerging Sources of Local VMT and Travel Data 

Toolbox Tuesday


Register here for the Toolbox Tuesday session on March 26 on navigating existing and emerging sources of local vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and travel data. So Ra Baek, Ph.D., and Do Kim, Ph.D., from Cal Poly Pomona will present their research and findings on existing and emerging data sources and tools. The guide evaluates the implementation of two sustainability-focused policies—Senate Bills 375 and 743—by local governments and the current state of the practice by metropolitan planning organizations in assisting them in California.

The research focuses on local governments’ access and use of VMT and transportation data for achieving VMT and greenhouse gas emissions reduction by land-use planning. The research also examines the role of metropolitan planning organizations in providing needed transportation data, training and technical support to their local members to help them quantify VMT impacts of land-use plans and projects. Through surveys and interviews with participating city and county governments and metropolitan planning organizations in California, the research team analyzes current practices, challenges, and needs for improvement.

These initiatives align with the policies and strategies outlined in Connect SoCal 2024, the Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy, to help achieve the region’s shared goals through 2050.