Keynote Speaker


Rocket Scientist turned Professor, Bestselling Author, and Expert on Creativity and Critical Thinking 

Ozan Varol is one of the world’s foremost experts in creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. He helps industry-leading organizations reimagine the status quo with moonshot thinking.

A native of Istanbul, Ozan moved to the United States when he was seventeen to attend Cornell University where he majored in astrophysics. In 2003, he served on the operations team for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rovers project that sent two rovers – Spirit and Opportunity – to Mars. 

Ozan’s diverse personal background (as a former rocket scientist turned lawyer turned university professor and popular author) allows him to connect with wide-ranging audiences. He’s delivered keynote speeches to small and large crowds at conferences, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies across numerous industries. Ozan is also the #1 bestselling author of Think Like a Rocket Scientist: Simple Strategies You Can Use to Make Giant Leaps in Work and Life.