Regional Advance Mitigation Advisory Task Group (RAMP-ATG) and SoCal Greenprint

Virtual Workshop


SCAG invites you to a virtual workshop for public sector stakeholders to share an update on the Draft Regional Advance Mitigation Planning (RAMP) Policy Framework and the process for developing the SoCal Greenprint tool.   

RAMP is a proven process for expediting project delivery by planning for required mitigation to reduce environmental impacts earlier in the planning process and at a wider scale. 

The SoCal Greenprint is a planned web-based tool, which will complement SCAG’s RAMP Policy Framework, with data and scenario visualizations, primarily intended to support project lead agencies in pursuing RAMP or other environmental mitigations.  

The workshop will feature a presentation on the Draft RAMP Policy Framework and discussion on next steps. SCAG seeks input from public sector stakeholders on the composition and role of the technical advisory committee (TAC), which will consult with SCAG staff to ensure the SoCal Greenprint tool becomes a useful resource for RAMP and is aligned with local priorities and opportunities, as outlined in the draft policy framework.