Ride with Care

  • Helmets reduce your chance of brain injuries in case of a crash.

  • Ride in bike lanes or in the street close to the curb. Don’t ride on sidewalks.

  • Park your scooter out of the street and out of the way of people walking. Park on the sidewalk close to the curb, or near dedicated bike or scooter parking areas.

  • Riders must be at least 18 years old, and only one rider per scooter is allowed.

  • Stop at all stop signs and red lights. All traffic laws apply to people riding scooters and drivers.

  • Go with the flow. Always ride in the same direction as traffic.

  • Every intersection is a crosswalk, even if unmarked. Always stop for people crossing the street.

  • Be alert. Put your cell phone away. Keep your eyes on the road and watch for other roadway users, including people walking and biking.