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Your Participation Affects 19 Million People

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Historically, SCAG’s Regional Council has charted an aggressive course for the organization, resulting in valuable and tangible benefits for the region and its inhabitants. However, now more than ever, Southern California collectively faces challenges of unprecedented proportions. Tremendous growth is projected in the SCAG region over the next 25 years, when the population will swell from over 19 million to over 24 million. Nearly half of the state’s population is concentrated in our region. Developing and implementing successful strategies will be critical to maintaining sustainable development and a desired quality of life, and the best means of ensuring that we can be proud of the Southern California we leave to our children.

When it comes to materializing the collective vision for a greater Southern California, the voice and opinion of every member counts. Every Member is Important!

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SCAG Membership Has Value

As the largest regional planning organization in California, SCAG takes its role as liaison among city and county elected officials, urban planners and community organizations very seriously. SCAG's 86 Regional Councilmembers have the key responsibility for representing the Southern California region on issues such as transportation investments, growth strategies and the allocation of future housing needs.

Regional Councilmembers have an important voice in short and long-term planning. RC members have greater influence in legislation and access to the knowledge and insight provided on ongoing activities affecting their constituencies. A rotating leadership structure for Regional Council members allows access to prominent positions.

Benefits By Department

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Toolbox Tuesdays provides a range of practical skills and knowledge for local planners including training in the use of computer-based tools and education in practical approaches to timely planning issues. Past sessions include Economic Development for Planners, Implementing Complete Streets, and Parking Systems Management. Private sector planners, non-profit staff, academics and students are welcome to attend in Los Angeles, as long as space is available.


​SCAG maintains a complex modeling system which forecasts travel demand and air quality to support SCAG’s planning program. The information these models produce is also useful to member agencies, universities and other public agencies. SCAG provides modeling data to support stakeholders' planning programs and to assist in the development and maintenance of city and subregional models.  Modeling data includes input data and a variety of model outputs for the existing condition and a number of future year scenarios. SCAG supports subregional and city-level modeling programs by providing modeling setups, model input data, training and technical advice to assist members in the development and maintenance of their models.

Data Services provides up-to-date demographic and economic data to member jurisdictions, which can be used for local planning studies and policy initiatives. SCAG makes available a Monthly Economic Report for the region along with a number of detailed datasets (job growth, unemployment, taxable sales, building permits, and various other socioeconomic variables), which are available for download in the Economic & Demographic Library. Members can also request customized datasets for local analysis on an on-going basis.

Since 2005, the Sustainability Program – through Compass Blueprint, Green Region Initiative and Active Transportation grants – has provided approximately $14 million in planning assistance to member jurisdictions, funding over 130 demonstration projects throughout the region. Proposals that feature creative and forward-thinking development solutions are awarded a customized suite of consultant services, SCAG staff time and technical assistance. This assistance helps cities and counties evaluate planning and policy options, stimulate sustainable development opportunities as well as reduce greenhouse gases. Projects are solicited through a biannual Call-for-Proposals.

The GIS Services program is a free service that provides professional GIS services, free trainings and software to member cities. Specifically, SCAG's GIS staff can assist members in creating desktop/web applications with local jurisdiction data, converting non-spatial data into GIS format, general GIS problem-solving and group trainings. Since the program's inception, member agencies have collectively saved over $2.5 million. And in the case of several cities, they have used their new tools and knowledge to create revenue-generating programs.

Every two years, SCAG prepares Local Profile reports for the nearly 200 member jurisdictions in the region, providing updated data and analysis to support local planning and outreach efforts. The demographic and socioeconomic data are also useful resources for the business community, academia and residents. The most recent Local Profile reports were released at the 2013 Regional Conference & General Assembly in Palm Desert on May 2, 2013.

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