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What is the RHNA?

The Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) is mandated by State Housing Law as part of the periodic process of updating local housing elements of the General Plan. The RHNA quantifies the need for housing within each jurisdiction during specified planning periods. SCAG is in the process of developing the 6th cycle RHNA allocation plan which will cover the planning period October 2021 through October 2029. It is planned for adoption by SCAG in October 2020. For information on the 5th cycle which was adopted in October 2012, please click here.

Communities use the RHNA in land use planning, prioritizing local resource allocation, and in deciding how to address identified existing and future housing needs resulting from population, employment and household growth. The RHNA does not necessarily encourage or promote growth, but rather allows communities to anticipate growth, so that collectively the region and subregion can grow in ways that enhance quality of life, improve access to jobs, promotes transportation mobility, and addresses social equity, fair share housing needs.

A RHNA 101 webinar was held on July 29, 2019 to provide an overview of the Regional Housing Needs Assessment process. For those of who were unable to participate in the webinar, we have a recording posted at this link. We have also provided a file with a PDF of the powerpoint slides presented and questions asked during the webinar.

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Upcoming Events

Housing Element Workshop: New Laws & Tools

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The Housing Element Digital Workshop is a two-part series focused on providing local governments and other stakeholders in the SCAG region with information and resources to support their 6th Cycle Housing Element Updates. The workshop will provide information on changes in housing element and related planning laws as well as available technical assistance offered by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and SCAG. This event is free but registration is required.

Part 1 - Thursday, August 20, 2020, 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

The first workshop day in this two-part series will include sessions on Housing Element technical assistance and data elements offered by SCAG along with a deeper dive into HCD’s recently released Site Inventory Guidelines.

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Part 2 - Thursday, August 27, 2020, 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

The second day will feature a discussion on determining accessory dwelling unit capacity and affordability. The agenda will also include additional housing element guidance from HCD, such as affirmatively furthering fair housing and other requirements added to state housing law since the last housing element cycle.

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FINAL RHNA Allocation Methodology (Adopted by Regional Council 3/5/20)

View archived videos of past Regional Council, CEHD and RHNA Subcommittee meetings on their respective committee web pages.

Appeals Procedures

Adopted by the Regional Council on May 7, 2020

Please note that while the RHNA Appeals Procedures has been adopted by the Regional Council, the appeals process will be delayed due to the delay of the Connect SoCal adoption in its entirety. This is because final data in the adopted Connect SoCal will provide the input for the Regional Council-adopted Final RHNA Allocation Methodology to develop the Draft RHNA Allocation for each local jurisdiction, the subject of potential appeals.

At the May 7, 2020 meeting, the Regional Council took action to delay for up to 120 days to adopt Connect SoCal in its entirety. After the adoption of Connect SoCal within 120 days from May 7, each local jurisdiction will receive formal notification from SCAG on their draft RHNA allocation. The period to file appeals is expected to commence on the eighth day after the Regional Council adopts the Connect SoCal in its entirety. The appeals process will then follow the adopted RHNA Appeals Procedures with timelines updated to reflect the delay of the Connect SoCal Plan adoption.

HCD Communication

RHNA Statistics & Analysis

The RHNA Statistics and Analysis are on SCAG's GIS & Data Services microsite. Please click button below to view and select data to download.

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Housing Elements 2012
To comply with California state housing law, jurisdictions within California must update their housing element every eight (8) years.
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RHNA Subcommittee Agendas
The RHNA quantifies the need for housing within each jurisdiction during specified planning periods.