CALCOG 2023 Regional Leadership Forum – State of Change


California has always embraced change and innovation. But now our very future depends on it. We need new ideas for how we power, house, and move Californians. We must retain our prosperous economy while being sensitive to our changing climate. And our amazingly diverse residents demand more equity. California remains a place of opportunity and hope. Going forward, we must remain resilient and adaptable to change.

We admittedly don’t know how California will answer these challenges.  But we are sure regional governments will be a critical part of the solutions. The 2023 Regional Leadership Forum (RLF) will bring together regional leaders and policy professionals to explore how we thrive in a State of Change.

Join us at the Riverside Convention Center on March 5 to 7, 2023.  We begin Sunday afternoon with registration, a special session, a welcoming reception; with regular sessions all day Monday and Tuesday until noon.