Public Participation Plan


The awareness and involvement of interested persons in governmental processes are critical to successful regional transportation planning and programming. When the public is engaged in the process, their feedback helps ensure projects address community needs. Likewise, the public gains a better understanding of the tradeoffs and constraints associated with transportation planning. The Public Participation Plan serves as a guide for SCAG’s public involvement process as well as the continuing, comprehensive and coordinated planning process among the stakeholders to ensure the ongoing opportunity for broad-based participation in the development and review of regional plans and programs.


SCAG 2022 Public Participation Plan

Adopted April 7, 2022SCAG 2022 Public Participation Plan

On April 7, 2022, SCAG’s Regional Council adopted an updated Public Participation Plan designed to be accessible to a general audience and adaptable in anticipation of evolving technologies and practices. SCAG’s planning work serves a large and diverse region, and public participation is an essential component of the agency’s planning process. This plan is key to ensuring that SCAG’s approach to public engagement is effective and inclusive.

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