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SCAG & Goods Movement

Goods movement is essential to support the economy and quality of life in the SCAG region. The regional goods movement system is a multimodal, coordinated network that includes deep-water marine ports, international border crossings, Class I rail lines, interstate highways, state routes and local connector roads, air cargo facilities, intermodal facilities, and distribution and warehousing clusters. 

Whether carrying imported goods from the region’s international land border crossings or the San Pedro Bay Ports to regional distribution centers, supplying materials for local manufacturers, or delivering consumer goods to SCAG residents, the movement of freight provides the goods needed to sustain regional industries and consumers on a daily basis.

Southern California is a world leader in commerce and a major exchange point for international culture as businesses from across the globe trade via the region’s port, airport, and border crossing facilities. Goods movement is so woven into the fabric of life in Southern California that it is easy to take for granted that it will continue to deliver benefits without significant coordinated planning by local, regional, state, and national stakeholders. However, goods movement in Southern California faces serious challenges that will require considerable collaboration and investment to remain a cornerstone of the regional and national economy.

As the region’s metropolitan planning organization (MPO), SCAG seeks to optimize the goods movement network (FreightWorks) through increases in economic efficiency, congestion mitigation, safety and air quality improvements, and enhancements to system security.

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SoCal Goods Movement Communities Opportunities Assessment

The efficient movement of goods is critical to a strong economy and improves quality of life in the SCAG region by providing jobs and access to markets through trade. However, increased volumes of goods moving across the transportation system contribute to greater congestion, safety concerns and harmful emissions. 


Studies and Programs

As the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties, SCAG performs ongoing research and analyses of the regional transportation system. Goods movement, in particular, receives a significant amount of attention as it serves as one the most critical economic generators in Southern California. ​​​



The SCAG Goods Movement Program strives to create, maintain, and provide information and tools that advance planning for freight in Southern California. Please use the resources below to access past regional freight studies, videos on goods movement in Southern California, an interactive map of the FreightWorks system, quarterly trade reports, and fact sheets.