Membership Benefits

Your Participation Affects 19 Million People


Historically, SCAG’s Regional Council has charted an aggressive course for the organization, resulting in valuable and tangible benefits for the region and its inhabitants. However, now more than ever, Southern California collectively faces challenges of unprecedented proportions. Tremendous growth is projected in the SCAG region over the next 25 years, when the population will swell from over 19 million to over 24 million. Nearly half of the state’s population is concentrated in our region. Developing and implementing successful strategies will be critical to maintaining sustainable development and a desired quality of life, and the best means of ensuring that we can be proud of the Southern California we leave to our children.

When it comes to materializing the collective vision for a greater Southern California, the voice and opinion of every member counts. Every Member is Important!

For more information, download the Member Dues Fact Sheet.

SCAG Membership Has Value

As the largest regional planning organization in California, SCAG takes its role as liaison among city and county elected officials, urban planners and community organizations very seriously. SCAG’s 86 Regional Councilmembers have the key responsibility for representing the Southern California region on issues such as transportation investments, growth strategies and the allocation of future housing needs.

Regional Councilmembers have an important voice in short and long-term planning. RC members have greater influence in legislation and access to the knowledge and insight provided on ongoing activities affecting their constituencies. A rotating leadership structure for Regional Council members allows access to prominent positions.

An Important Voice

Through active participation, SCAG members get the satisfaction of knowing they’re providing a voice for their community and their region. Since 1965, SCAG has conceptualized many regionally significant projects and programs, including the Alameda Corridor, Metrolink, Heal the Bay, the Salton Sea Authority and the Compass Growth Visioning Project. SCAG is a place to introduce, test and nurture new ideas.

Increased Clout

SCAG’s staff closely monitors legislation in the state legislature and Congress. It is at the forefront of advocating for Southern California’s fair share of federal and state funding for plans and programs. It aggressively advocates on behalf of the region’s interests to legislative delegations, other key legislators and members of the executive branch. Finally, SCAG coordinates regular Regional Councilmember visits with elected and appointed officials of the executive and legislative branches of the federal and state government.

Knowledge & Insight

Members receive SCAG’s Spotlight newsletter. Members also have free and/or discounted entry to SCAG-sponsored conferences and summits featuring the latest information and insights on issues of regional significance (e.g., Regional Economic Forecast Conference, Regional Housing Summit, etc.) In addition, Members receive a password to access the resources of the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) through SCAG’s primary membership. Members can learn from each other’s policies and experiences through numerous networking opportunities.

Value for Your Investment

Dues paid to SCAG are equivalent to eight cents per capita, far less than those assessed for other Councils of Government locally and statewide (regional COG dues in other metropolitan areas generally range from 12-21 cents per capita).

SCAG Provides the Resources You Need

SCAG membership gives you the benefit of pooled funding, special access and priority service. Some benefits that Regional Councilmembers include:

  1. SCAG helps members find and secure grant funding from federal and state agencies for local projects. SCAG supplements the planning activities of members through the financial support and funding of their subregion. An average of $1 million is distributed among the 14 subregions each year.

  2. SCAG provides the methodology, tools and training necessary to help members implement the strategies and principles of approved regional plans. SCAG can also perform site-specific performance analyses and transportation/land use benefits analyses.

  3. Members receive priority response on requests for data, publications or planning support.

  4. Members can request the creation of customized maps for use on their jurisdiction’s website.

  5. Members can access jurisdictional data analyses; city general plan and land use maps; complete set of SCAG forecast spreadsheets and maps focusing on smaller levels of geography; selected transportation modeling data and modeling linked to the GIS street network; easy-to-use census files, numerous publications and more.