Inclusive Economic Recovery Strategy


The Inclusive Economic Recovery Strategy (IERS) was developed to deliver on President Rex Richardson’s 2020-2021 Work Plan and as an early activity of the Racial Equity Early Action Plan. The IERS was developed using the three Work Plan phases of listen, convene, and catalyze. It builds on listening sessions and data collection produced between July and December 2020, the Racial Equity Baseline Indicators generated by the SCAG Equity Working Group based on the National Equity Atlas and a literature review of best practices in economic development and driving policy work through a racial and social equity lens.

In Spring 2021, SCAG hosted 20 convenings with stakeholders across the SCAG region, including stakeholders from the private, public, and government sectors, sought feedback from SCAG’s Special Committee on Equity and Social Justice as well as the Community Economic and Human Development Committee and held three feedback sessions with the Global Land Use and Economics Council. The purpose of the convenings and feedback was to vet the principles and focus areas, learn about existing efforts across the region, identify strategies from stakeholders and practitioners and identify opportunities for coordination and collaboration.

The recommendations in the IERS focus on the strategies and actions that SCAG is well-positioned to lead or implement with an appropriate partner. It is important to note that to move forward with implementing the concepts presented in the IERS, funding sources for staff and professional support must be identified. The final Inclusive Economic Recovery Strategy Report and recommendations were adopted by the Regional Council on July 1, 2021.

IERS Resources

The IERS Resources page provides an inventory of equitable economic development efforts and funding resources identified in the development of the IERS.

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