Inclusive Economic Recovery Strategy


The Inclusive Economic Recovery Strategy (IERS) reflects SCAG’s commitment to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion throughout Southern California. The IERS identifies ways that SCAG can work with local partners to foster inclusive economic prosperity as the region continues to move on from the economic and social disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The IERS report also serves as a starting place for SCAG to further explore the integration of policy goals related to inclusive economic growth in the development and adoption of Connect SoCal, SCAG’s Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Community Strategy, every four years. 

SCAG developed the IERS as an initiative prioritized by President Rex Richardson’s 2020-2021 Work Plan as well as an early activity of the Racial Equity Early Action Plan. SCAG developed the IERS in close collaboration with stakeholders and practitioners, focusing on recommendations that SCAG is well-positioned to lead or implement with an appropriate partner. The SCAG Regional Council adopted the final “An Inclusive Economic Recovery Strategy for the SCAG Region” report and recommendations on July 1, 2021.   

In Spring 2022, with support from Senator Susan Rubio, SCAG received one-time grant funding from the California Workforce Development Board to implement several core recommendations developed in the IERS, including the development of an Inclusive Contracting Toolkit, published by SCAG on Nov. 15, 2023. 

Inclusive Contracting Toolkit

The Inclusive Contracting Toolkit serves as a roadmap with actionable recommendations for procurement professionals in public agencies and private anchor institutions to support a shift to inclusive contracting policies, programs, and practices. In addition, the toolkit includes a library of best practices and recommendations that reflect the range of emerging and promising inclusive contracting efforts underway today. 

The Inclusive Contracting Toolkit is a resource for procurement professionals, designed to serve as a comprehensive guide, offering best practices and actionable strategies aimed at public agencies and private anchor institutions. Recognizing the unique nature of each organization’s approach to procurement, this toolkit provides insights into inclusive contracting by summarizing context, recommending immediate actions, and presenting proven tactics. Its sections outline policies, discuss challenges, suggest implementation steps, and provide real-world examples within the SCAG region. Moreover, it differentiates recommendations relevant to public agencies, private institutions, or both, and showcases successful case studies from initiatives across the country. 

This toolkit’s development process was meticulously structured, involving a thorough literature review and close engagement with industry professionals and small business organizations. The Inclusive Contracting Technical Advisory Committee and industry focus groups were instrumental in providing invaluable insights, ensuring the toolkit is firmly rooted in the realities and opportunities faced by procurement professionals within the SCAG region. 

Download the Inclusive Contracting Toolkit 

IERS Resources

The IERS Resources page provides an inventory of equitable economic development efforts and funding resources identified in the development of the IERS.

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SCAG Publishes New ‘Job Quality Index’ for Southern California

Quality jobs provide a foundation for economic growth and resilience against economic downturns. However, like many regions, Southern California has traditionally lacked data or frameworks to measure the quality of jobs in its large, complex economy. There are a wide range of approaches for measuring job quality overall—a task that becomes even more difficult when considering the nuances and limited data availability in a single region such as Southern California.