Economic Insights & Demographic Data Resources


SCAG regularly compiles and updates economic indicators and conducts in-house and collaborative research on key topics to support regional planning and member agencies. As the official Southern California affiliate of the U.S. Census Bureau’s State Data Center program, SCAG compiles detailed demographic data for the region and tracks new data releases, many of which are used in developing growth projections for Connect SoCal. 

Past Events



Economic Roundtable  

Since 2009, SCAG’s team of independent economists representing the region’s counties and key specialty areas have collaborated with SCAG’s in-house experts and staff to assess the economic landscape of the Southern California region. In 2022, the renamed “Economic Roundtable” began meeting quarterly to discuss trends, data and current events impacting the region’s economy. Quarterly reports can be found below and on the SCAG news feed, and all accompanying economic data for the region can be visualized on and exported from the SCAG Economic Trends Tool. The “Regional Briefing Book” is SCAG’s comprehensive annual report and near-term outlook on Southern California’s economic landscape and is shared at the annual economic summit

Economic Roundtable Members:    

  • Imperial County, Michael Bracken, Managing Partner & Chief Economist, Development Management Group, Inc.  
  • Los Angeles County, Shannon Sedgwick, Director, Institute for Applied Economics, Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation  
  • Orange County, Wallace Walrod, Chief Economic Advisor, Orange County Business Council  
  • Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, Manfred Keil, Robert Kleinhenz & Fernando Lozano, Inland Empire Economic Partnership  
  • Ventura County, Mark Schniepp, Director, California Economic Forecast  
  • Sustainability, David Roland-Holst, Research Professor, UC Berkeley, and Managing Director, Berkeley Economic Advising and Research  
  • Equity, Karthick Ramakrishnan, Professor of Public Policy, University of California, Riverside 

Economic Roundtable Update: First Quarter 2024 

Regional Growth Forecasting 

SCAG develops a three-decade projection of population, household, and employment growth every four years for Connect SoCal at the region, county, jurisdiction, and Transportation Analysis Zone (TAZ) levels. Unlike a short-run projection, which depends heavily on economic cycles, long-run regional growth is driven by births, deaths, migration, and the region’s industry composition relative to the rest of the country. The growth forecast process begins by convening a demographic panel of experts. Local jurisdictions provide, review and integrate project-level information through the Local Data Exchange process.   

The latest growth forecast data and technical details can be found in Connect SoCal and in agendas from SCAG’s Technical Working Group.   

State Census Data Center Updates and Releases 

SCAG is the officially designated Southern California affiliate to the State Census Data Center program. Statewide program information and data releases are available online through the California Department of Finance. SCAG provides brief updates and analysis on the most up-to-date population, housing, and socioeconomic trends when new data are released. Data are regularly integrated into the regional plan development process.  

Research Reports & Findings  

The “Economic Impacts of Equity” report measures the economic effect of wage gaps between racial and gender groups and the potential benefit of closing those gaps. Read the full report here.

SCAG worked with the Population Reference Bureau to develop this white paper on considerations for regional and subregional forecasting in California.