Brochures and Fact Sheets


SCAG’s Goods Movement Program, Freightworks, seeks to optimize the region’s transportation system through increases in economic efficiency, congestion mitigation, safety and air quality improvements, and enhancements to system security. Find out more about SCAG’s program and the importance of goods movement to Southern California’s regional economy below:


On The Move: Southern California Delivers The Goods

​Southern California is home to the two largest ports in the nation. With its networks of highways and railways and an extensive concentration of warehousing and distribution facilities, Southern California is the gateway to the nation. This brochure outlines the economic importance of goods movement to the region’s economy, challenges and strategies to improve the system while improving air quality.​


Too Costly Not To Invest

​The importance of investing in goods movement in Southern California has very real meaning for local cities, regions, and othe states.


Goods Movement Brochure

This brochure summarizes SCAG’s major initiatives related to goods movement in Southern California.