Mobility Innovations & Pricing


Mobility Innovations and Pricing (MIP) is SCAG’s first study to emerge from the diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives the organization has instituted during the past 18 months. This report focuses on the potential equity implications of road pricing and other innovative transportation policies in the six-county SCAG region. The initiative combines stakeholder engagement, technical analyses, and communications strategies to elevate equity considerations as a key touchstone in planning for road pricing—most critically leading with the concerns of underrepresented communities through dialogue with community stakeholder organizations.

The MIP initiative aims to surface the priorities of historically marginalized populations that disproportionately bear the negative economic, environmental, personal safety, and public health impacts of our transportation system.  In addition to identifying transportation burdens and priority investments through a community-led engagement process, the project sought to analyze the travel needs of underrepresented communities. The project serves as foundational step towards understanding the equity implications of these strategies and increasing community participation in the policymaking process on these issues.

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For a more in-depth look into the community engagement process, technical analysis, and recommendations, please see the full report available below.

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