Regional Council


The Regional Council is SCAG’s 86-member governing board. Membership is comprised of local elected officials representing the six counties and 191 cities within the SCAG jurisdiction, including elected representatives from 67 Districts, each consisting of one or more cities in the region with approximately equal population and geographic continuity; an elected representative from each of the six counties within the region; and representatives of the County Transportation Commissions and tribal governments located within the region.

The Regional Council has general authority to conduct the affairs of SCAG, and implements the policy direction provided at the annual General Assembly of the membership. In addition, the Regional Council acts upon policy recommendations from SCAG policy committees and external agencies; appoints committees to study specific problems and programs; amends, decreases or increases the proposed budget to be reported to the General Assembly; and directs the actions of the agency throughout the year.

Agendas and related documents for SCAG Regional Council and Policy Committee Meetings are available here. For agendas older than 24 months, please contact:

Staff Contact

Maggie Aguilar
(213) 630-1420

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