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The SCAG Scenario Planning Model (SPM) is a comprehensive web-based land use sketch planning tool for scenario development, modeling, and data organization developed to support a collaborative and seamless local and regional plan development process.


What is SPM?

SPM is a web-based scenario development, modeling, and data organization tool developed to facilitate informed and collaborative planning among counties/subregions, local jurisdictions, other stakeholders, and the public. Built on open source software platforms, SPM includes a suite of tools and analytical engines that help to quickly illustrate alternative plans and policies and to estimate their transportation, environmental, fiscal, public health, and community impacts.


SPM Features

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SPM provides a powerful and dynamic scenario creation, modeling, and data organization framework designed to facilitate more informed and collaborative planning by providing a comprehensive view of potential futures. Its suite of tools and analytic engines enable the creation and organization of local and regional data, plans and policies, facilitate scenario creation and editing, and estimate a wide range of potential benefits resulting from alternative transportation and land use strategies.


Get Started with the SPM

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Access to the SPM is restricted to authorized users from local jurisdictions in the SCAG region. Only users with authorities to review/edit/comment on growth scenarios will be given log-in access to the SPM. If you’re not sure whether you’re an authorized user, contact your local jurisdiction to find out.


SPM Resources

These helpful links are designed to provide additional information related to land use and transportation scenario planning tools and strategies.


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