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SCAG’s Go Human Kit of Parts Lending Library provides pop-up materials to temporarily demonstrate potential and planned street design treatments and safety infrastructure to create safer and more inviting public spaces.  

The Go Human Kit of Parts includes materials to showcase five street treatments. The street treatments include a parklet, curb extension (bulb- out), median refuge island, artistic crosswalk, and separated bike lane. The Kit of Parts was designed by the Kounkuey Design Initiative and are made of portable, light-weight materials that are easy to transport and assemble. 

Temporary safety demonstrations create opportunities for residents to experience streets that are re-designed for safety in live traffic settings, test out, refine, and identify support for improvements. 

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Additional Resources

The following resources can provide frameworks, generate ideas, and clarify logistics to help plan a successful Kit of Parts deployment.   

Resilient Streets Toolkit 

The Kit of Parts is one tool within Go Human’s Resilient Streets Toolkit, a resource designed to build capacity for any jurisdiction to engage in a community-driven process to identify and implement strategies to promote bike and pedestrian safety. Centering community engagement and co-creation, the Toolkit promotes the use of street space for community resiliency, recovery, and resource delivery in a way that prioritizes vulnerable communities.  

Guide & Installation Video  

Look to the  Kit of Parts Overview Guide  and installation video to provide a clear picture of the hardware, assembly, installation and dimensions of the materials involved in a Kit of Parts deployment.  

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The Kit of Parts serves as an engagement tool to collect feedback from the community about potential safety improvements. Use or adapt the following survey at a Kit of Parts activation to gather input about the temporary improvements.  

Info Sheets


Kit of Parts Playbook

The Go Human Activation Event Playbook is a guidebook for implementing a tactical urbanism activation event using the Kit of Parts. It offers a step-by-step set of instructions to achieve important event milestones such as gathering a project team, setting event goals and objectives, planning and preparing for the event, working with SCAG and jurisdictional partners, coordinating day-of event logistics, and much more. 

View the Kit of Parts Playbook