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SCAG is pleased to share that the Housing Policy Leadership Academcy (HPLA) concluded in December 2022, following the success of a 10-month educational and traning program offered across eight cohorts. The online traning course brought together local leaders in monthly sessions to explore the relationship between policy, planning and housing development.  

The HPLA program was funded by the State’s Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) grant program and supports the region’s efforts in response to recent state investments in planning to accelerate housing production and meet the goals of the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA).

In partnership with the Global Policy Leadership Academy, the academy provided a free virtual 10-session course to 322 people in the region, including elected officials, economic development and planning practioners, business leaders, housing advocates and community leaders. During this time, participants explored how different policy solutions shape both the physical and social landscape, capacity to produce housing for all and how to proactively contribute to accelerate housing production. Their work concluded with a research project and policy proposal. Some participants will seek to further their in-class research by garnering stakeholder support, local approvals and funding to execute their policy recommendations.  

Alongside the training program, SCAG hosted a series of hour public forums on housing policy issues and trends, federal and state housing legislation and funding trends and homeownership.   

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