SoCal Greenprint


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SCAG is in the process of developing the SoCal Greenprint, a web-mapping application to help users make data-driven land use and transportation infrastructure decisions and support conservation investments.

Once completed, the SoCal Greenprint will serve as an optional, flexible and open regional conservation-focused data and mapping tool for the six counties in the SCAG region. While it will be freely accessible, it is being designed for use by county transportation commissions, municipalities, conservation groups, researchers and developers.

Status and Timeline

Greenprint Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) 

In the late summer and early fall of 2023, SCAG will convene the Greenprint Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), which is made up of elected officials and agency staff from throughout the region, as well as one representative from the business community and one from the environmental community. It is an advisory committee that will inform staff’s recommendations to the Energy and Environment Committee and Regional Council for further developing the SoCal Greenprint. 

The Regional Council directed staff to establish the Greenprint TAC in February of 2023 when it approved the Regional Advance Mitigation Planning (RAMP) Policy Framework. This document provides a framework for advanced mitigation in the SCAG region to ensure the Greenprint is aligned with policy objectives. It includes several policy recommendations that will serve as a starting point for TAC discussions and focus on ensuring data will be publicly available, be created, funded, used and/or developed in partnership with a government agency, be comprehensive and for informational purposes only. 

Membership of the TAC is designed to represent expected primary user groups of the SoCal Greenprint tool and government agencies who may participate in a RAMP. TAC meetings shall be open to the public and each meeting will include the opportunity for public comment. More information about how to participate and agenda materials for the TAC can be found here at the SoCal Greenprint TAC website.  

Next Steps

  • Summer 2023: Hold TAC Meetings
  • Late 2023/Early 2024: Present data governance recommendations to the Energy and Environment Committee and Regional Council 
  • Early 2024: Complete Beta Testing
  • Spring 2024: Complete SoCal Greenprint

*Timeline is tentative


India Brookover
Senior Regional Planner