SoCal Greenprint


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SCAG is in the process of developing the SoCal Greenprint, a web-mapping application to help users make data-driven land use and transportation infrastructure decisions and support conservation investments. 

Once completed, the SoCal Greenprint will be an optional, flexible and open conservation-focused data mapping tool to support Regional Advanced Mitigation Planning initiatives as well as efforts to secure state and federal funding to implement sustainability and resilience projects and programs in the SCAG region. 

Next Steps

  • Summer 2024: Build tool and conduct beta testing  
  • Summer/Fall 2024: Release tool and conduct training and workshops 

*Timeline is Tentative 


India Brookover
Senior Regional Planner

Data Standards

In February 2024, the SCAG Regional Council approved data standards to ensure that the SoCal Greenprint tool meets its objectives, aligns with the Regional Advanced Mitigation Program Policy Framework and accounts for feedback from the Greenprint Technical Advisory Committee. The data standards also ensure the tool’s data are consistent and trustworthy, with clearly defined rules for use, access, distribution and security. 

SCAG convened the SoCal Greenprint Technical Advisory Committee in 2023 to advise SCAG in the development of the data standards.