Strategic Planning Process


Conservation Planning

SCAG is developing a strategy for addressing regional open space conservation as described in the 2012 RTP/SCS. As part of the strategic planning process, SCAG will engage partner agencies, such as County Transportation Commissions (CTCs), local jurisdictions, and other stakeholders to determine the critical elements needed for crafting a successful regional open space conservation program.

SCAG’s goal is to create a comprehensive open space database for the SCAG region by developing and identifying existing resources on wildlife and open space that stakeholders could voluntarily use to supplement their own planning activities, as needed. In addition, this process will help us explore interest in, and encourage the development of, creating an implementable regional open space conservation program, such as the Regional Advance Mitigation Plan (RAMP) or the Green Vision program.


SCAG is currently preparing an inventory of open space conservation planning efforts in the region for use in our open space conservation planning work. Once we have a preliminary inventory drafted, we will make it available via MapCollaborator for stakeholder review. Please check back to see our progress.


SCAG is in the process of creating an inventory of all existing open space conservation plans and programs in the SCAG region. SCAG would like to invite member agencies to review and update the data using MapCollaborator, once the application is on-line. MapCollaborator is a simple online mapping system that will allow users to view and edit data, as well as upload GIS files to the map.

MapCollaborator will let users make recommendations or changes to the open space conservation plan inventory in the following ways:

  • Choose a location – Choose county, city, or just zoom to a spot on the web map.
  • Select lands to review – Choose an agency type and a specific agency land owner, see list and map of those lands.
  • Add a note – Pin a note on the map with comments on a particular site.
  • Draw a new holding – Use a simple drawing tool to draw a new or revised park/open space holding.
  • Edit a holding – Click an existing park and reshape its geometry or revise its attributes.
  • Upload GIS files – Upload your own GIS file (shape file or KML) to review or submit.

Meetings and Working Groups

As our program progresses, we will develop working groups to provide structured feedback on our strategic planning process and open space conservation plan.