Our Work


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Awareness

In July 2020,SCAG’s Regional Council adopted Resolution 20‐623‐2, affirming its commitment to advancing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout Southern California. The resolution called for the formation of an ad hoc Special Committee on Equity & Social Justice to further develop SCAG’s response to advancing equity.


Programs & Projects

SCAG serves as the regional forum for cooperative decision making by local government elected officials and its primary responsibilities in fulfillment of federal and state requirements include the development of the Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy; the Federal Transportation Improvement Program; the annual Overall Work Program; and transportation-related portions of local air quality management plans.

SCAG’s other major functions include determining the regional transportation plans and programs are in conformity with state air quality plans; periodic preparation of a Regional Housing Needs Assessment; and intergovernmental review of regionally significant development projects.


Legislation & Advocacy

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The Southern California Association of Governments maintains a State and Federal Legislative Program, which consists of the Regional Council’s positions on policies and legislative initiatives related to SCAG’s core planning and policy areas—transportation, air quality, freight/goods movement, housing, environmental impact, sustainability, and economic recovery and job creation—that need the leadership and support of Congress and the California State legislature to resolve challenges facing the SCAG region.