Performance Monitoring & Assessment


SB 743 Local Implementation Assistance

To promote the successful local implementation of SB 743, SCAG has sought opportunities to coordinate with various local jurisdictions throughout the region to provide technical and policy assistance in the development of local and county-wide SB 743 implementation tools and strategies.

SB 743 Local Implementation Assistance Final Reports

LADOT Vehicle Miles Traveled Mitigation Program


Connect SoCal Chapter 5 – Measuring Our Progress

The investments identified in the 2020 RTP/SCS (Connect SoCal) are expected to result in significant benefits to the region, not only with respect to transportation and mobility, but also air quality, economic activity and job creation, sustainability, public health, and environmental justice.

Chapter 5: Measuring Our Progress describes the benefits and outcomes projected to result from the implementation of the 2020 RTP/SCS with respect to the adopted performance measures. This chapter also describes how Connect SoCal addresses statutory requirements regarding environmental justice, SB 375, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and transportation conformity.


Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)

The Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) program plays an important role in providing the FHWA with consistent state-specific data used to analyze the performance of the National Highway System and to guide apportionment of federal-aid highway funding programs.


MAP-21 Performance Based Planning

MAP-21 established a national performance-based transportation monitoring and reporting system, including a set of specific metrics to be used to assess progress toward achievement of national transportation goals.


Connect SoCal

The SCAG Regional Council adopted the 2020 RTP/SCS (Connect SoCal) in September 2020. Connect SoCal represents the culmination of a multi-year effort involving stakeholders from throughout our six-county region to provide a guiding vision to promote a sustainable, prosperous, and equitable future for the SCAG region.