Online tools for Sustainability initiatives.

Carbon Calculator
This tool is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8.0 and below. Calculate the impact you are making on the climate with the Carbon Calculator at Driving, energy and water usage, how you shop, and manage waste disposal are all included when calculating your carbon footprint.

Find Your Area’s Solar Potential
This tool is not compatible with Android and IOS mobile browsers. A comprehensive database of solar incentives available throughout greater Los Angeles, including a listing of solar industry jobs available in the region. Also find an LA County Solar Map widget that can be embedded on any blog or website.

The information available on CalAdapt offers a view of how climate change might affect California at the local level. Work with visualization tools, access data, and participate in community sharing.

Sea Level Rise Analysis by Climate Central
This maps charts the threat from storm surge and sea level rise for all coastal communities in the Lower 48.

Welcome to the SCAG Sustainability Portal Document Library. Here you can browse filter and sort documents related to Sustainability.

CoolClimate Network
The CoolClimate Network (CCN), as part of UC Berkeley’s Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL), researches carbon footprint mitigation and offers a host of carbon management tools designed for individuals, businesses and government resources.

USGS Wind Turbine Interactive Mapping Tool
The USGS has created this publicly available national dataset and interactive mapping application of wind turbines.

California Sustainability Research Hub
The CA Sustainability Research Hub is an online searchable database that increases access to California state-funded sustainable communities research and enables users to view CARB, CEC, and Caltrans reports in one place.

The Green Roads Map
The Environmental Defense Fund’s Green Roads Map, plots the companies demonstrating how clean transportation policies help rather than hurt the growth of the clean transportation sector in the California. In addition to the interactive map, an Excel version of the company list is also available for download.

LA Energy Atlas
The Energy Atlas provides detailed information from the building energy sector. ICF International prepared community GHG emissions inventories on behalf of Los Angeles County (LA County) and the Los Angeles Regional Collaborative (LARC) for the year 2010.