Climate Pollution Reduction Grant


SCAG is working with partners to help the region secure climate funding from the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant (CPRG) program administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA). This work supports the development of the regional and state Priority Climate Action Plans (PCAPs) and facilitate conversations to identify and develop multi-jurisdictional and regional applications. The overall objective of this work is to maximize the amount of funding the region receives from CPRG.

Local, regional and state agencies as well as federally recognized tribes are eligible to apply for $4.3 billion in competitive grants through the CPRG program to implement a wide variety of “shovel-ready” greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions programs and projects. Applications are due Apr. 1, 2024, and can range from $2 million to a maximum of $500 million. To be competitive, applications, per the U.S. EPA, need to:  

  • Be multi-jurisdictional or regional collaborations between eligible entities 
  • Be shovel-ready and include achievable, cost-effective, near term GHG reductions (2025-2030) 
  • Support economic and job growth as well as workforce training  
  • Benefit low-income and disadvantaged communities, such as reduction in air pollution  

Eligible entities would also be able to apply for GHG reduction measures included in the California Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP). The U.S. EPA awarded planning grants to create PCAPs for three metropolitan statistical areas in the SCAG region:  

  • Los Angeles and Orange counties  
  • San Bernardino and Riverside counties  
  • Ventura County 

While it did not receive a planning grant, Imperial County agencies will be able to apply under the California PCAP. 

For more information on the program please refer to: 

Take The CPRG Survey 

SCAG is hosting a survey to gather and share information to support PCAP and implementation grant applications. Through this survey, jurisdictions and agencies can share information about the types of projects or specific projects they are considering. The results of this survey will be available to all jurisdictions, updated to provide a resource to help identify potential multi-jurisdictional applications and partnerships. 

Click the following link to take SCAG’s Climate Pollution Reduction Grant program survey. 


The CPRG public survey results will be updated regularly here.