Special Committee on Equity & Social Justice


The Special Committee on Equity and Social Justice will advise the Regional Council on policies and practices to:

  • end racial and social disparities internal to the agency
  • strengthen the way it engages and convenes to protect and expand community voice and power
  • work in partnership with others to close the gap of racial injustice and better serve our communities of color, and in so doing, serve all the people of the region.

Proposed Activities

  • Establish an agency‐wide definition of “equity” to build shared understanding.
  • Provide guidance on the development of SCAG’s internal Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work plan.
  • Review SCAG’s public participation plan and stakeholder engagement strategies.
  • Develop an Equity Inventory Report, which would catalogue SCAG’s existing equity‐related activities.
  • Establish an Equity Framework containing quantitative and qualitative indicators of existing inequities and disparities that exist in the region.
  • Prepare a set of policies and recommendations to guide and sustain SCAG’s regional leadership in service of equity and social justice.
Staff Contact

Rachel Wagner
(213) 236-1960

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