SCAG’s annual Overall Work Program (OWP) and Comprehensive Budget guides and describes the agency’s activities and desired outcomes for each fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30.

Additional information can be requested from Cindy Giraldo, Chief Financial Officer, at (213) 630-1413 or at giraldo@scag.ca.gov.


Membership Dues

The Bylaws require the Executive Director to annually submit the the General Fund budget to the Regional Council. Upon its adoption, the General Assembly fixes membership assessment for all members of the Association in amounts sufficient to provide the funds required by the General Fund budget.

Budget staff prepares proposed General Fund budget and submits it to the Chief Financial Officer for review. The General Fund budget is submitted to the Chief Financial Officer in sufficient time to allow the items to be placed on the agendas for approval by the Regional Council and the General Assembly.

Member dues are calculated in accordance with the guidelines of the Bylaws.

Adopted Dues Assessment

  • FY22: $2,142,920
  • FY21: $2,172,297
  • FY20: $2,113,909
  • FY19: $2,053,962

General Fund Adopted Budget Expenditures

  • FY22: $4,213,001
  • FY21: $2,683,973
  • FY20: $3,945,334
  • FY19: $2,610,612

Budget vs. Actual

FY21 Budget vs. Year-to-date Actual Expenditures

Each year, SCAG develops an Overall Work Program (OWP). This work program describes proposed transportation planning activities for the upcoming fiscal year. The OWP also includes those transportation planning activities and studies required by federal and state law and authorized by the Regional Council. These related planning studies address the overall social, economic and environmental effects of transportation decisions in the region. The percentage shown is the amount spent year-to-date in relation to the budget.

OWP Projects

SCAG OWP Budget - Expended Versus Actual as of March 31, 2021