SPM Resources


These helpful links are designed to provide additional information related to land use and transportation scenario planning tools and strategies.

For additional information about the SPM, contact:

SCAG SPM team: spm@scag.ca.gov  



SCAG Regional Data Platform 
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SCAG’s Regional Data Platform (RDP) is a revolutionary system for collaborative data sharing and planning designed to facilitate better planning at all levels.

SCAG GIS Open Data PortalGIS Portal Banner Image
​SCAG’s Open Data Portal allows users to search, view, query, and download data residing in SCAG’s Enterprise Geodatabases through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. 

Map Collaborator
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This online mapping system allows users to choose an agency, view their holdings on a web map and use online tools to make notes, draw new parks or propose realignments of existing data, edit current shapes and upload their own GIS files to the map.

UCLA Energy Atlas
UCLA Energy Atlas Banner
​Interactive website that provides building energy consumption statistics at an annual temporal resolution for most neighborhoods, cities, and counties in Southern California.

GeoHub Banner Image
GeoHub is Los Angeles’s new public platform for exploring, visualizing, and downloading location-based Open Data. 

California Urban Water Use Map 
California Urban Water Use Map Banner 
A web app from the Pacific Institute that shows data on residential and system-wide water use, and allows users to explore trends and patterns.

ITHIM California
ITHIM California Banner
The California version of ITHIM, which stands for Integrated Transport and Health Impact Model, is a planning tool that calculates the change in deaths, years of life shortening and disability, and costs due to these changes in air pollution, physical activity, and traffic injuries.



SPM Related Links

Consortium for Scenario Planning 
A participation organization established in 2017 to foster growth in the application of scenario planning in rural and urban areas.  

APA Knowledgebase Collection: Scenario Planning
Provide curated collections of related resources. Users can search APA’s research on scenareio planning. 

FHWA Scenario Planning and Visualization in Transportation
Provide noteworthy practices and innovative uses of Scenario Planning applications for transportation planning.

Opening Access to Scenario Planning Tools
This report examines the current state of scenario planning, the promise of scenario planning tools to help us prepare for the future, the challenges to expanding their use, and their potential to open access to the planning process. 

Sketch Tools for Regional Sustainability Scenario Planning​
This report synthesizes the state of practice on scenario planning sketch tools to support regional sustainability, evaluates their relative strengthes adn weaknesses, provide guidance on their appropriate use, and suggest how they may be improved.