SCAG Safety Pledge


SCAG’s Go Human Safety Pledge invites jurisdictions to commit to designing and building safer streets that promote walking, biking and community connections.  

By signing the Pledge, jurisdictions, organizations and individuals can become safety leaders in the SCAG region. Signatories receive access to SCAG resources, receive recognition for being a safety champion, and join SCAG’s growing safety cohort. Signatories can pledge to implement or sponsor a safety messaging campaign, deploy a temporary demonstration with the Go Human Kit of Parts, advocate for safety improvements using the High Injury Network, and much more.  

Make a commitment to safety today by signing the Pledge. 


Signing the Pledge also allows jurisdictions, organizations, and individuals to view their commitment on the Safety Pledge Map.

This real-time map publishes signatures right after signing and map filters are available to see what organizations and jurisdictions have signed the pledge. 

SCAG Safety Pledge Map Screenshot