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SCAG’s Intergovernmental Review (IGR) Program is responsible for providing informational resources to regionally significant plans, projects, and programs per the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines to facilitate the consistency of these projects with SCAG’s adopted regional plans, to be determined by the lead agencies. CEQA Section 15206 defines projects of statewide, regional, or areawide significance and instructs public agencies to submit environmental documents, including Negative Declarations and Draft Environmental Impact Reports (DEIRs), to the State Clearinghouse and the appropriate metropolitan area council of governments for review and comment. SCAG encourages local agencies to submit CEQA notices to the IGR Program via the IGR Submissions form below.

As the designated Regional Transportation Planning Agency under state law responsible for preparing the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), including the Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) pursuant to Senate Bill (SB) 375, SCAG aims to help lead agencies to identify the project’s impact on a regional scale and how the proposed project contributes to our region’s plan and vision. Informational resources, such as SCAG’s Connect SoCal goals and strategies, jurisdictional-level growth forecast, and mitigation measures contained in the Connect SoCal Program Environmental Impact Report, are provided as guidance for lead agencies for consideration during project development.

Additionally, SCAG’s IGR Program is also responsible for functioning as a clearinghouse for applications for federal grants and financial assistance programs, federally required state plans, federal development activities, and federal environmental documents pursuant to Presidential Executive Order 12372.

On October 18, 2022, SCAG staff shared an overview of the IGR program at a Toolbox Tuesday. Watch the Video: CEQA 101 and SCAG Roles Under CEQA.


SCAG’s IGR Team receives, processes, and reviews all projects, plans and programs submitted. For questions about submittals, please contact:

Annaleigh Ekman
(213) 630-1427


IGR Mapping Tool

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This mapping tool allows users to query, locate, and view the projects maintained in the IGR database by providing a platform to explore these projects through the Geographic Information System (GIS) software. Please refer to the IGR Mapping Tool for more information.


IGR Bi-Monthly Report

The Intergovernmental Review Bi-Monthly Report summarizes the federal grant applications, environmental documents and other information received by SCAG’s Intergovernmental Review (IGR) Program. The Bi-Monthly Report consists of two types of entries: Federal Grants and Environmental Documentation.


IGR Submissions

You may also reach us by email:

Email CEQA notices and documents for IGR documentation to Please include a PDF of the CEQA notice and/or environmental report in addition to the following information in the body of the email:

  1. Type of document (i.e., Notice of Preparation, Notice of Public Hearing, etc.)

  2. Project title

  3. Project contact

  4. Comment period due date (if applicable)