Emerging Technologies Committee


The Emerging Technologies Committee will research and identify new and emerging technologies that play an important role in the RTP/SCS; and for the three (3) policy committees (CEHD, EEC and TC) to utilize the Emerging Technologies Committee as a resource.

  • Identify technological and societal trends (e.g. Mobility as a Service; Zero Emission, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles; Smart Cities and Intelligent Transportation Systems) that may fundamentally alter the use of the region’s transportation system.
  • Frame potential policy considerations to enable the region to harness the benefits of emerging technologies that reduce sprawl, vehicle miles traveled (VMT), and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Highlight opportunities for under-represented, disadvantaged communities to utilize emerging technologies.
  • Explore technologies which, while in a nascent or testing stage, remain relevant to the future of the region’s transportation system.
Staff Contact

Marisa Laderach
(213) 236-1882