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Go Human

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Community Outreach and Advertising

Go Human is a community engagement program with the goals of reducing traffic collisions in Southern California and encouraging people to walk and bike more. We hope to create safer and more connected communities by making resources available for engagement, education, information sharing, projects and events.

Go Human is funded by grants from the California Office of Traffic Safety, the California Active Transportation Program, the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee and from our sponsors.


Sustainable Communities Program

The Sustainable Communities Program (SCP) strengthens partnerships with local agencies and strategic partners responsible for land use and transportation decisions, offering technical assistance and financial resources to meet the diverse planning needs of local communities and support implementation of regional planning policies and strategies.  SCAG is currently providing technical assistance to 57 local agencies and has funded 110 projects, totaling over $21.6 million, since 2016. 


Toolbox Tuesday

Build Your Skill Set and Strengthen Your Community 

Complementary Professional Development

In alignment with SCAG’s strategic goals to produce innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for Southern Californians and be the foremost data information hub, Toolbox Tuesday aims to provide a range of planning knowledge and technical skills for local planners including training on various tools and resources on emerging planning topics such as equity, environmental justice, traffic safety, housing, transportation, sustainability, spatial analytics, programming language, and data literacy.  

Toolbox Tuesday offers professional, complementary, and virtual training to local government staff and other stakeholders within our six-county region through the monthly webinar. As a bonus, most trainings provided through Toolbox Tuesday are eligible for AICP Certification Maintenance credits. 


100 Hours

From World-Famous Traffic to World-Renowned Solutions

The average LA driver now loses over 100 Hours every year trapped in traffic, making LA one of the most highly congested cities in the world. Angelenos agree: it’s time to get serious about solving our record-breaking traffic problems. The 100 Hours Campaign was launched to bring together solutions from around the world and start a real conversation about what it will take to turn traffic hot spots into models of mobility.


Earthquake Preparedness Initiative

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The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), in partnership with the Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society, has launched a new initiative to help local cities and counties protect Southern California communities and economies from the disruption that a major earthquake would cause. The initiative kicked off with a series of regional seminars, led by Dr. Jones, for local civic leaders. The seminars reviewed the risks of a major regional earthquake and the most effective approaches for preparation, including strengthening infrastructure and reviewing building safety codes. The initiative will continue through 2017, with workshops that will give local leaders the tools necessary for building the resilience that keeps natural disasters from becoming catastrophes.