Local Data Exchange


In preparing the Connect SoCal 2024, the Southern California Association of Governments will engage in the Local Data Exchange process to gather the most updated information available from local jurisdictions covering land use and growth to help understand how the region is developing and the extent to which we are meeting our climate goals.

This page is for local jurisdictions in Southern California to access and review SCAG’s data sets that are part of the Local Data Exchange.

Over the course of 2022, SCAG plans to meet one-on-one with all 197 local jurisdictions to discuss these maps in their local context, provide background on the development of Connect SoCal 2024, and provide training of tools available to local jurisdictions.

For an overview of how to access the LDX system and how to provide input, please watch the tutorial video below. The LDX System presentation starts at 56:04.

This process is being developed in conjunction with SCAG’s Regional Data Platform (RDP). The data and maps in this book can also be accessed in digital and editable form through the RDP alongside several additional planning tools and video tutorials on the RDP.

For ease of review, core data items have been mapped in draft format and assembled in an individual map book for each local jurisdiction (available below).

Data/Map Books

To request draft high-quality maps and shapefiles of SCAG’s Data/Map Book or related materials, please contact LIST@scag.ca.gov

Please note that SCAG’s draft data is undergoing refinement based on feedback from local jurisdictions, and material included here is subject to revision; inquiries for official data should be directed to each respective local jurisdiction.