Regional Early Action Planning


SCAG was awarded $47 million in Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) funding from Assembly Bill (AB) 101 to provide housing planning and process improvement services to cities and counties. 

Subregional Partnership Program

SCAG set aside approximately $23 million, or 50 percent, of its REAP funding, for the Subregional Partnership Program, which is funding a call for projects from subregional partners. Subregional Projects are designed to augment and complement funds that were awarded to jurisdictions by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) pursuant to SB (Senate Bill) 2 Planning Grants and the Local Early Action Program (LEAP) and increase housing supply to meet the 6th Cycle RHNA.

This subregional partnership approach creates a means for local efforts to align with SCAG’s regional plans and implement the broader goals of the Connect SoCal Plan.

View the Subregional Partnership Program Fact Sheet


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Housing Policy Leadership Academy

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SCAG is pleased to share that the Housing Policy Leadership Academcy (HPLA) concluded in December 2022, following the success of a 10-month educational and traning program offered across eight cohorts. The online traning course brought together local leaders in monthly sessions to explore the relationship between policy, planning and housing development.  


Housing Policy Forum Series

Housing Policy Forum Series Banner

SCAG’s Commitment to Southern California’s Housing Crisis

The SCAG Housing Policy Forum Series offers an opportunity for emerging and established leaders to engage in shared learning about housing policy issues and trends while identifying opportunities for cross-sector collaboration and innovation. This initiative seeks to educate policymakers and thought leaders on best practice solutions to support coalition building and equitable housing development.


REAP 2.0

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The REAP 2.0 program is a flexible program that seeks to accelerate progress towards state housing goals and climate commitments through a strengthened partnership between the state, its regions, and local entities. REAP 2.0 seeks to accelerate infill housing development, reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT), increase housing supply at all affordability levels, affirmatively further fair housing, and facilitate the implementation of adopted regional and local plans to achieve these goals.


Other-To-Residential Toolkit

The State’s Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) grant program has supported the creation of the Other-to-Residential Toolkit, a unique tool that guides planners and policymakers step-by-step in facilitating more residential development in their jurisdictions by converting underutilized non-residential (other) land uses to residential.