Regional Early Action Planning (REAP)


SCAG was awarded $47 million in Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) funding from Assembly Bill (AB) 101 to provide housing planning and process improvement services to cities and counties. 

Subregional Partnership Program

SCAG is setting aside approximately $23 million, or 50 percent, of its REAP funding, for the Subregional Partnership Program, which is funding a call for projects from subregional partners. Subregional Projects are designed to augment and complement funds that were awarded to jurisdictions by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) pursuant to SB (Senate Bill) 2 Planning Grants and the Local Early Action Program (LEAP) and increase housing supply to meet the 6th Cycle RHNA. 

This subregional partnership approach creates a means for local efforts to align with SCAG’s regional plans and implement the broader goals of the Connect SoCal Plan. 

Download the REAP Subregional Partnership Program Guidelines 

Read the full Press Release: SCAG announces Subregional Partnership Program 

For more information about the subregional partnership program, contact: 

Ma’Ayn Johnson 
(213) 236-1975