Technical Advisory Committees and Working Groups


Aviation Technical Advisory Committee

The Aviation Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC) is a group of aviation professionals (e.g. airport planners, transportation agency officials, academics) who meet quarterly in an effort to provide SCAG with technical and professional expertise on regional aviation issues. Information and data provided by the ATAC to the SCAG Aviation Program is used for the aviation element of the Regional Transportation Plan, as well as other planning and research efforts.

Staff Contact

Hiroshi Ishikawa
(213) 236-1838


SoCal Greenprint Technical Advisory Committee

The purpose of the SoCal Greenprint Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is to gather key stakeholder input to ensure that data provided through the SoCal Greenprint web-based application will be useful to targeted user groups for its intended purposes. SCAG staff will work to ensure the SoCal Greenprint tool aligns with advanced mitigation opportunities, fulfillment of the Connect SoCal 2020 Program Environmental Impact Report mitigation measures and the Connect SoCal’s policies, objectives and goals, and the Regional Advance Mitigation Planning (RAMP) Policy Framework adopted by SCAG’s Regional Council in February 2023.

As outlined in the RAMP Policy Framework, the TAC will advise and consult SCAG in the development of governance standards, user guidelines, data selection criteria, and data parameters to be used for establishment of the SoCal Greenprint tool and (as directed by the Regional Council’s February 2023 action approving formation of the TAC) suggestions of the TAC will be presented to the Regional Council and Energy & Environment Committee. The meetings of the TAC will be consistent with the Brown Act.

Staff Contact

India Brookover
(213) 236-1919


Modeling Task Force

The Modeling Task Force (MTF) coordinates the Region’s various modeling programs and provides a forum to share model-related information, new ideas, and discuss data standards. Participation in the MTF is open to all interested parties including: governmental staff, educational related individuals/groups, environmental organizations, business groups, and the general public. The MTF is not a legislative body of SCAG, and therefore, meetings of the MTF shall not be subject to the Brown Act.

Staff Contact

Ellen Jisu Lee
(213) 236-1867


Regional Planning Working Groups

The Regional Planning Working Groups (RPWG) function as a forum for SCAG staff to engage stakeholders in the development and implementation of plans and policies to advance the region’s mobility, economy, and sustainability. Areas of focus include: Safe and Active Streets; Equity; Natural and Farm Lands Conservation; and Sustainable and Resilient Communities.

A few notes regarding participation in the meetings:

  • RPWG meetings are structured as open public forums for information sharing only.
  • RPWG participants do not vote or take positions on any policy issues.
  • SCAG staff organize and manage the meetings, with no formal chair or assigned roles for participants.
  • Meetings are open to the public and may include participation from peer stakeholders and staff from state, regional, and local agencies, non-profit organizations, local universities, and the business community.
  • RPWG meetings are held remotely (via video-conferencing/teleconferencing) through the development of Connect SoCal, the 2024 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS). Changes to meeting format and schedule(s) will be further communicated through each working group when applicable.
  • RPWG meetings will generally be held on the third Thursdays of the month. Specific dates and times are announced at the beginning of the month. Sign up to receive monthly RPWG emails.

Regional Transit Technical Advisory Committee

The Regional Transit Technical Advisory Committee (RTTAC), made up of representatives from the Region’s transit operators, provides a forum for coordination of input in the development of the Regional Transportation Plan and the Regional Transportation Improvement Program. Past discussion topics have included funding programs, intelligent transportation systems, transit-oriented development, and performance measures.

Staff Contact

Priscilla Freduah-Agyemang
(213) 236-1973


Technical Working Group

The purpose of the Technical Working Group (TWG) for regional planning and growth is to enhance the quality, data integrity and transparency of the Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) by providing a venue for SCAG staff to discuss and receive feedback on growth-related technical approaches, data collection and technical tools associated with the development, implementation, and monitoring of the RTP/SCS with local and regional planning partners, regulatory and coordinating agencies, and technical experts. The working group shall not serve as a policy, legislative or voting body and thus meetings are not subject to the Brown Act.

View the Technical Working Group Charter

Staff Contact

Kevin Kane
(213) 236-1828


Transportation Conformity Working Group

The Transportation Conformity Working (TCWG) is a forum to support interagency coordination to maintain transportation conformity and help improve air quality in Southern California.

The group meets on a monthly basis to facilitate an inclusive transportation/air quality planning process and to fulfill the interagency consultation requirements of the Federal Transportation Conformity Rule. The group helps resolve regional issues pertaining to transportation conformity and coordinates with and supports the Statewide Transportation Conformity Working Group.

Membership of the SCAG’s TCWG includes federal (US EPA, FHWA, FTA), state (ARB, Caltrans), regional (Air Quality Management Districts, SCAG), and sub-regional (County Transportation Commissions) agencies and other stakeholders.​

Federal & State Compliance

Learn more about Transportation Conformity Federal & Regional Compliance.

Staff Contact

Rongsheng Luo
(213) 236-1994