SCAG Adopts Resolution on Water Action 


On Oct. 6, 2022 the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) formally affirmed the drought and water shortage emergency in Southern California and called on local and regional partners to join together to adopt an “all of the above” approach to addressing the region’s water challenges and catalyzing opportunities across a six-county region that’s home to more than 19 million people. 

Clean, safe, affordable, and reliable water supply is central to Southern California’s people, economy, and natural systems and necessary to support the region’s projected growth. In an effort to support partners in tackling the region’s deepening water crisis, SCAG’s Regional Council unanimously adopted a resolution to reduce water use; improve water conservation, reuse, and efficiency; enhance water systems’ health and resilience; pursue and potentially implement new water supply and storage opportunities; and support investments in water infrastructure and conservation practices that support the region’s economic and population growth and fosters planning for the region’s housing needs. 

Read the Water Action Resolution 

View presentations provided to the Regional Council on Oct. 6, 2022