Civic Engagement, Equity & Environmental Justice


The Sustainable Communities Program Call for Applications for Civic Engagement, Equity & Environmental Justice (SCP CEEEJ) was released on April 12, 2023 and closed on June 5, 2023. 

The four primary goals of SCP CEEEJ are to:​ 

  • Support the development of plans to close the racial equity gap​ 
  • Support a range of land use and transportation planning activities, as well as housing supportive infrastructure projects. ​ 
  • Prioritize efforts that directly benefit priority populations.   ​ 
  • Encourage equitable partnerships between CBOs and local agencies. 

SCP CEEEJ Program Guidelines

Award Recipients

SCAG’s Regional Council approved funding recommendations for 11 projects, including fully funding nine projects, and partially funding two proposals.  Awards are split across two project categories: $2.3 million invested in projects to develop housing and land use strategies, and nearly $2 million invested in projects to realize multimodal communities. 


Los Angeles 
  • City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation: Reconnecting MacArthur Park ($500,000) 
  • City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Bureau of Street Services: Linking Warner Center as an Active Transportation Hub to Jobs and Housing ($499,701) 
  • County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works: East LA Moves / El Este Se Mueve Mobility Corridor Plans ($454,586) 
  • City of Moreno Valley: Pedestrian Access Plan ($294,018) 
San Bernardino 
  • San Bernardino County Transportation Authority / San Bernardino Council of Governments: Active Transportation Priority Projects Outreach and Engagement ($294,765) 


Los Angeles 
  • City of La Puente: Mixed Use Development for Underutilized Commercial Zones ($427,350) 
  • City of Lancaster: Transit-Oriented Development Zones Update ($230,560) 
  • City of Laguna Beach: Environmental Impact Report – Downtown Specific Plan Phase II ($200,000) 
  • City of Santa Ana: Transformative Engagement for Zoning Code Update ($469,700) 
  • City of Jurupa Valley: Pedley Town Center Plan – Implementation ($478,894) 
  • County of Ventura, Resources Management Agency, Planning Division: Farmworker Housing Study and Action Plan ($499,991) 
SCP CEEEJ Project Categories 

SCP CEEEJ has two project categories: 

  • Housing and Land Use Strategies 
  • Multimodal Communities 

The project categories are funded through separate funding sources which each have their own objectives. Projects in each category must meet all objectives for the funding source. Applicants shall strive for innovative and impactful approaches that produce transformative, visible, and measurable projects and results. 

For more information on Project Types please reference the Applicant Toolkit

Housing & Land Use 

SCP CEEJ Housing & Land Use Strategies projects will be funded funded with REAP 2.0.  

All projects funded with REAP 2.0 must achieve the following REAP 2.0 funding objectives:  

  • Be located in an infill area.
  • Accelerate infill development. 
  • Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT). 
  • Affirmatively Further Fair Housing (AFFH). 
  • Meet the definition of a “Transformative Planning and Implementation Activity,” as defined in Appendix 3: SCAG REAP 2.0 Program Glossary of Terms.
  • Support the implementation of Connect SoCal. 

Multimodal Communities 

SCP CEEEJ Multimodal Communities projects will be funded through SB 1. 

All projects funded with SB 1 must achieve the following funding objectives: 

  • Have a direct transportation nexus that directly benefits the multi-modal transportation system.
  • Support the implementation of Connect SoCal.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs); and
  • Reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT). 

Key Milestones

SCP CEEEJ Milestones Date
Call for Applications Opens  Wednesday, April 12, 2023 
Call for Applications Submission Deadline  Monday, June 5, 2023 at 5 p.m.
Regional Council Recommendation  Thursday, October 5, 2023  
Final Work and Invoices Submitted  Wednesday, December 31, 2025 

For questions regarding SCP CEEEJ Call for Applications, please contact:

Lyndsey Nolan
Senior Regional Planner
(213) 236-1935