Civic Engagement, Equity & Environmental Justice


The upcoming Sustainable Communities Program (SCP) Call for Applications will be focused on Civic Engagement, Equity & Environmental Justice. SCAG would like to hear from you – to listen to your input and to help shape proposed project types.

We will be holding two sessions, which build upon each other, to help inform the development of the program guidelines. We invite your participation at one of the below options for each session. Ideally, we encourage participants to attend both Session I and Session II; SCAG appreciates any level of participation.

SCAG is looking to shape proposed project types for this Call for Applications, including civic engagement mini-grants across multiple categories, and planning for equity and environmental justice, such as Senate Bill 1000 Environmental Justice Elements, Senate Bill 379 Safety Elements and Assembly Bill 617 Community Emission Reduction Plans.

To support the implementation of SCAG’s Racial Equity Early Action Plan, SCAG is seeking to prioritize proposals that fall within or directly benefit Communities of Concern, Senate Bill 535 Disadvantaged Communities and Environmental Justice Areas for this call. For more information on these areas, please see SCAG’s Environmental Justice Tool.

For more information on SCP, please visit the program website.