Curb Space Management Study: Regional Agency Workshop

Virtual Workshop

Post Curb Space Management Study

Please join the SCAG on Tuesday, Dec. 14 at 10 a.m. for a Regional Agency Workshop for the Curb Space Management Study—the nation’s largest effort to date to evaluate best practices for solving curb space issues in our growing cities.

With a general rise in vehicle ownership, disruptive technologies like Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) and dockless electric scooters, and e-commerce demands—curb space has become one of the most contested spaces in a city. Increased reliance on delivery services and the shifting of commercial activities to the sidewalk during COVID-19 have amplified the need to better manage our curbs.

Cities are struggling to manage their quickly evolving curb uses—and a clear need exists to develop policies and best practices for proactive, progressive and sustainable multimodal curbside management programs. Moving towards progressive curb management practices will generate benefits for the entire region: reduced congestion, lower GHG emissions through reduced vehicle miles traveled and vehicle hours traveled at the first- and last-mile level, a more balanced transportation system by better understanding of first- and last-mile relationships between TNCs and existing systems, and more.

Please join us for a workshop to learn more about the study and contribute to this important dialogue.