Early Program Initiatives


SCAG will expand certain existing programs in the Connect SoCal Implementation Strategy to offer additional support to cities in implementing Connect SoCal.

Sustainable Communities Program (SCP): The Call for Projects provides resources to local jurisdictions to conduct GHG/VMT reducing planning activities and demonstration projects with a nexus to housing production in local jurisdictions throughout the SCAG region. SCAG is seeking to implement Call #4, the Call for Equity, Civic Engagement and Environmental Justice focused on under-resourced communities.  

Go Human: SCAG is seeking to expand local resources and toolkits to help cities, counties and communities-based organizations promote safe walking and biking.

Regional Data Platform (RDP): Local general plans provide the legal underpinning for land use decisions and set the vision about how a community will grow, reflecting community priorities and values while shaping the future. SCAG’s RDP provides data and planning templates and tools to help local jurisdictions update and align various elements of their general plans to advance sustainable planning at the local and regional level, and to meet their 6th Cycle RHNA goals. SCAG seeks to partner with subregional agencies and other partners to expand support and training for local jurisdictions to use the RDP as well as provide additional features and functions to help further align local efforts with regional goals through performance dashboarding features.

Sub-regional Partnership Program 2.0 (SRP2.0): SCAG will work with the subregional partners to develop a Subregional Partnership Program (SRP) similar to the subregional partnership program developed under REAP 1 but based on REAP 2 goals and objectives. Engagement efforts will focus on identifying those subregional partners interested in pursuing additional planning projects and will focus program funding on activities that are REAP 2 eligible and support cities and counties to implement the programs identified in the 6th Cycle Housing Elements.

SRP 2.0 Draft Guidelines: On July 7, 2022, the Community, Economic, and Human Development Committee reviewed the draft Subregional Partnership Program Guidelines and recommended that the Regional Council adopt the guidelines. The Regional Council is set to consider the guidelines at its September 1, 2022 meeting.