Equity Series – Engage and Co-Power

Toolbox Tuesday


Join the April 11 Toolbox Tuesday Equity Series as we discuss the importance of creating inclusive environments where people can share their experiences and feel equipped to address racial equity and inequities. Speakers will share their experiences, best practices and lessons learned in a variety of settings like community-based organization outreach, tribal engagement and language access. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted disparities at many levels. Persistent gaps in wealth have revealed the cumulative effects of inequality and discrimination and the drastic differences in power and opportunity for people of color.

In July 2020, SCAG’s Regional Council adopted a resolution affirming its commitment to meaningfully advance justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in the region and SCAG developed a Racial Equity Early Action Plan (EAP) to help facilitate the consistent integration of equity into its planning work and the Equity Resource Guide (ERG), a collection of local, state and national examples of practices and approaches to advance equity. The Toolbox Tuesday Equity Series trainings and discussions focus on the three strategies outlined in the EAP and ERG.

Toolbox Tuesdays provide training on a range of practical skills and knowledge for local planning practitioners including training in the use of technology and education for practical approaches to timely issues. All classes and webinars are COMPLIMENTARY for staff of SCAG-member local governments and other SCAG partners in Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties. Private sector planners, non-profit staff, academics and students are welcome to attend.


SCAG, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, is committed to providing special accommodations and translation services to those who are interested in participating in the events. We ask that you provide your request for special accommodations or translation services at least 72 hours prior to the event so that SCAG has sufficient time to make arrangements. Please contact update@scag.ca.gov.